Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Introducing the 'esoBlog'

Roughly one year ago, I released esoForum's public registration feature to the live edition of the website (  Since then, the forum has steadily gained popularity; reaching over one hundred registered accounts, two thousand unique posts, and one hundred-and-seventy-three conversations.

Not to mention, many instances of unique developments have unfolded for the forum itself (and subsequently, the 'esoProjects' software); including mobile support, user customization, and advances in end-to-end security.

Until now, I've been documenting these changes by making individual posts on the forum itself and embedding notices into various menus of the site.  Rather than giving out vague changelogs of what has happened, I will begin writing about esoForum changes here  this will include updates, concepts, and various notable events in acting as the forum's developer.


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